Virtual Reality, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing: today technologies are not merely tools, but they can amplify human physical and intellectual capabilities in ways that we may not even imagine yet.


Innovation is the key driver to social and economic growth. But it is also above all the engine of human progress. This is why it is our duty to make innovation ethical: technological accessibility is global enrichment.


Our digital contemporary age encourages thinking and eases creativity and advances. It's important not to forget our roots: historical and classical culture kindles the passion for true knowledge.


We need a world where people can pursue their dreams without gender bias or other barriers holding them back. Where more women grow up to be confident. Our society and economy would be better if women were valued as equal to men.

A multidisciplinary backgrund

Insatiably curious, ambitious and always on the go: this is what I am in a few words. As a qualified professional with 10+ years experience in Digital and IT, my skills spans from ERP, e- commerce and Project Management to CRM, online marketing and communications. I have a strongly multidisciplinary background, in which my passion for humanities and science is beautifully married with information technologies skills. I’ve spent a working period in the US (New York City), where I enjoyed working in challenging businesses and multicultural environments. During these years I have accomplished a wide experience in consulting, public speaking and teaching. Today I help global companies design and launch their own Digital Transformation process. > For more info visit my LinkedIn