Virtual reality, Robotics, IoT, Cloud Computing: modern technologies are not merely tools, but they can amplify human physical and intellectual capabilities in ways that we may not even imagine yet.


Innovation is the key driver to social and economic growth. But it is also above all the engine of human progress. This is why it is our duty to make innovation ethical: technological equality is global equality.


Our digital contemporary age encourages thinking and eases creativity and advances. It's important not to forget our roots: historical and classical culture kindles the passion for true knowledge.

About Marina

Insatiably curious, enthusiastic, ambitious and always on the go.
When I was a child I dreamed of becoming a paleontologist, but one day my grandfather gave me a personal computer: my passion for the digital world officially started at that very moment.
In 2013 I graduated with honors in Digital Humanities, with a specialization in digital technologies for education, edutainment, cultural heritage and, last but not least, business.
As PhD researcher for Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna I have worked with european museums, libraries and universities, attending several international conferences like Digital Heritage 2013 (Marseille), Museums and The Web 2014 (Florence) and Serious Game in Education 2014 (Rome).
Today I am a project manager helping companies design and launch their own digital transformation process. My professional experience spans between virtual technologies, online marketing and communication, e-commerce, ERP.
I own a global cultural understanding, with travel experience in both Europe and USA (for one year I worked and lived in the wonderful city of New York).
Furthermore I am a karate black belt: martial arts taught me to be a fighter, in both private and professional life.