RosaDigitale is an Italian community born as a movement against the gender gap in technology and computer science. Throughout Italy, we plan several events called "rose petals", through which we involve girls and women in everything related to technology. In collaboration with schools, local institutions and public administrations, we organize training courses, workshop, conferences and seminars about information technologies themes like coding, robotics, virtual reality, web design, etc. Connecting people and joining forces to fight for gender equality is our purpose.

> Edizione 2016 - Laboratorio Percro - Scuola Sant'Anna - Pisa

> Edizione 2017 - Museo Fondazione Piaggio - Pontedera

> Edizione 2018 - "Donne & Ricerca" - Comune di Pisa

Mubil Project

MUBIL project, a collaboration between PERCRO Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Pisa) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, aims to use new technologies as a means of cultural dissemination, making available in a virtual and interactive way the old volumes of the Norwegian university library Gunnerus. Marina's role within the project was to create a special kind of virtual environment called "Information Landscape", dedicated to the life of the Norwegian explorer Hans Hansen Lilienskiold.
Presentation and live demonstration of the project at Museums & The Web 2014 - Florence, Italy

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> Paper "Information Landscapes for the Communication of Ancient Manuscripts Heritage"

Tech Princess

Marina has been author of articles and content for Games Princess ( and Tech Princess (, italian websites with focus on videogames and new emerging technologies, seen through the eyes of women: reviews, previews, podcast, videos and much more. Marina was also responsible for supporting the social media team in all of its digital media marketing tasks. Digital PR and relations management with the PR departments of the major companies in the industry (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Asus, etc.) Participation in trade fairs (Games Week Milan, Ludicomix) as interviewer.

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> Articoli di Marina su Tech Princess

The Ideal School Project

"The Ideal School" is a project born from the collaboration between PERCRO Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna - Pisa) and "Galileo Galilei" Middle School of Cecina (Livorno), in order to give voice to the imagination of children, allowing them to express thoughts and ideas about the school of the future, seen both as architectural structure as well as a meeting, growth and socialization place. Marina managed all the students training, helping them rebuild their real classroom and design the school of their dreams through the use of 3D modeling tools.

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Viktor Popkov Virtual Exhibition

For the exhibition "Dream and Reality" of the Russian artist Viktor Popkov, held at the University of Venice "Ca' Foscari" in 2014, Marina and the Percro Lab team developed the interactive application "Popkov colors".
The installation allows the visitor to interact with the paintings through touch mode, giving a total perceptive and visual involvement.

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